Barco Nio 2MP-1H MDNC-2521
Barco Nio 2MP-1H MDNC-2521

Barco Nio 2MP-1H MDNC-2521

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Nio is part of a range of modern radiology monitors that gives you what you need. No fluff, no overload of functionalities. But a handsome design and just those tools and technologies that help you process cases effortlessly and efficiently.

A radiology monitor that fits your daily reading like a glove

Nio 2MP offers you exactly those tools that will make a difference. It boasts no less than 701 JNDs, so you can read detailed images with confidence. Its high luminance, I-Guard and Uniform Luminance technologies offer you a bright and stable screen quality. And the display also contains our SteadyColor and SteadyGray technologies for stable colors and grays. In any imaging modality.

Clean desk, clear head

All of the above is built into an elegant design with thin bezels that fits both your hospital, and your home office desks. Moreover, you can rotate your Nio 2MP monitor between portrait and landscape format. Combine it in multi-head arrangements, two or three or four heads, neatly arranged in an arc embracing you.

A bright future

With Nio 2MP, you get a stable performance and a complete, industry-leading 5-year warranty that guarantees 20,000 backlight hours. Furthermore, our unique set of Intuitive Workflow Tools offers you a series of productivity hacks for more focus, flexibility and comfort. For example, did you know that SpotView has been proven to decrease reading time with no less than 15.5%? In short: you can rest easy with this young companion. For many years to come.

Always a clear view with QAWeb Enterprise

QAWeb Enterprise helps you manage quality and assure compliance of your expanding healthcare enterprise with less effort, lower cost, and complete confidence. This fully automated and secure system supports consistent image quality, stable performance and uptime for all PACS display systems across your enterprise. You can install QAWeb Enterprise for free on all our diagnostic and clinical review displays.

Ensuring diagnostic confidence with MDR Class IIa

Our radiology displays are MDR-certified as Class IIa. Their product information has been reviewed and cleared by independent medical and technical experts, and is audited yearly. In other words, we ensure diagnostic confidence and peace of mind for our users.

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