Barco MDSC‑8532 SSTF
Barco MDSC‑8532 SSTF
Barco MDSC‑8532 SSTF

Barco MDSC‑8532 SSTF

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4K UHD surgical display

  • Optimized for endoscopy and surgical imaging
  • Bright and crisp color video images
  • Billions of true-to-life colors
  • Accurate color-calibration s
  • Fast power on and automatic failover
  • ‘A’ ecolabel for a sustainable choice

See more with surgical 4K precision, with our 32”, A-ecolabel endoscopic and surgical display. This 4K UHD display offers exceptional brightness, crisp contrast, and vivid color video images, important where morphology is inconspicuous or recessed.

Uncompromising image quality

See more subtle differences with the MDSC-8532’s 4K resolution. The wide color gamut and Barco’s industry-leading calibration provide a full range of true-to-life colors. And ultra-low latency ensures real-time feedback for perfect hand-eye coordination.

Fast and efficient

The MDSC-8532 is low in weight and slim in design. Its dual user interface – there is one at the front and one at the back – accommodates individual user preferences. The display is fast to power-up, low in energy consumption, and features an automatic failover.

Easily set up and change the display's layout configurations to fit your procedure. And increase efficiency with customizable shortcut buttons.

User centric design

The slim lightweight modern design features an optimized full-front glass design with bezel protection on all sides safeguards against damage by surgical lights and IV poles. It also protects the display from surgical fluids and contaminants.

The fanless design (SSTF version) and intelligent cable cover support infection control, disinfection, and cleaning. The MDSC-8532 is approved for use in the vicinity of patients and includes an automated failover method.

It is fast to power-up and features an automatic failover. A dual interface design (front and back) accomodates individuals user preference while customizable shortcuts enable faster user interactions.

The MDSC-8532 comes with a 3-year warranty and the possibility to extend this to 5, with our EssentialCare package.

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