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MULTI-USER PC - One PC for Multiple Users

What is the Multi-User PC?

Multi-User PC is another way to add additional computers without buying any additional PC's or operating systems. The Multi-User PC allows users to connect and run up to six additional stations directly from one PC. A network administrator is not needed since everything required to network the workstations together is done automaticly. Multi-User PC allows several users to share the resources from ONE PC independently in a Windows 2000/XP environment. Each user can work simultaneously in the same or in different software applications such as browsing the Internet, E-mail, Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and many other databased applications.


What is the Multi-User PC requirement if I add one user?
-1 x USB Multi-User Add-on Kit 

-1 x Any Compatible PCI VGA card

-1 x PS/2 Keyboard (cable or wireless)
-1 x PS/2 Mouse (cable or wireless)
-1 x Standard VGA-/SVGA-Monitor (CRT, LCD)
-1 x Speaker & microphone


How many users can I add to the Multi-User PC?

It depends on the number of PCI slots on the Motherboard. One PCI slot is required for each Multi-User PCI card. Example:If the motherboard has 6 PCI slots you

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