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Medical Systems
Barco Medical Imaging
Barco 19" Surgical Display

Near-Patient, Advanced  Surgical Color 19 Display

Part number: MDSC_1119
Mfg.Part No.: K9304123a

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Near-Patient, Advanced Surgical Color 19" Display

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detail description

MDSC Brochure
Barco 19" Surgical display with a 1280x1024 native pixel resolution for use in Operating Room and for video Endoscopy imaging.
Flexible input connectivity includes S-Video, 5BNC, VGA, DVI-I, SDI and RS232. Comes with a +24VDC external medical
power supply, protective front cover and cable basket.
***Fully certified for use in sterile operating Field. IPX-2 and UL 60601 approved.***

Barco's MDSC-1119 is a 19", 1.3 MegaPixel color LCD display that
provides surgical teams with artifact-free images and unsurpassed
precision, while meeting the unique patient safety and space requirements
of the integrated OR.

Incorporating the latest LCD technology, the MDSC-1119 features high
brightness, making it ideal for the OR's high ambient light conditions.
Furthermore, the MDSC-1119's high contrast ratio,
color depth and wide viewing angle maximize image accuracy.
Calibration of color, luminance and signal balance
add to the optimal and unsurpassed image quality.

The MDSC-1119's video bus architecture and modular
slot concept allow the display to be configured to specific
OR video connectivity requirements. Furthermore, Barco's
surgical display readily supports new and future video
formats, such as high-definition digital video.
Versatile multi-modality imaging: Barco's MDSC-1119
is a versatile multi-modality display for endoscopic cameras,
room and boom cameras, ultrasound, cardiology, PACS,
anesthesiology and patient information.
Dual channel Picture-in-Picture or Picture-by-Picture
views of images from multiple input signals give surgeons
the required views, allowing them to make more informed decisions.
Artifact-free, real-time viewing: Barco's MDSC-1119
surgical display offers the fastest image transmission
and broadcast quality video imaging available today, along with the
greatest attention to signal integrity.
Customized profiles: Surgeons can configure, store
and recall user preferences and profiles for each
surgical procedure.

Reliable Barco quality: Stringent quality standards
throughout the development cycle guarantee long-term
image quality and the protection of your investment.
Designed for patient safety:
-fan-less design
-Compliant to safety standards
-Protective housing, easy to disinfect
-Designed for the integrated OR:
-Compact size
-Easy to install
-Remote control for greater access
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